Keep the Streak Going

What has helped me a lot with Soberlink is the gamification part. I want to keep the streak going, and this has helped me to quit alcohol for good.

My Story

Hey, my name is Dave. I have been struggling with alcohol for over 10 years. It got me in a position where I was almost going to lose my wife and 2 children. So I started to realize that I had a problem and I needed to do something about it. I started to check Twitter and after a couple of days I found this Twitter profile. I got intrigued by this profile and started to look for more and more information.

What followed after

I learned more and more about Soberlink and after a while I decided to buy it. I purchased Soberlink without much hope. At the start I used it three times a day. I had alerts setup on the cellular version that would send the results to my wife and therapist.

Then something strange happened. Within a week, I was actually excited to use the device. Now I will keep the streak going and try to stay sober forever. I am extremely happy that I found Soberlink. Thanks Soberlink for everything you do.

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