Fun Activities for Recovery

Fun Activities for Recovery

Over the long term , you might observe that discomfort is worth the effort. Particulary, ssince you will see that the results are positive and it’s actualy fun to reconnect with people outside the world of alcoholism. In this article we quickly explain some fun activities that you can do to get your mind of the booze.

5 Fun activities that you should try

Replacing your alcoholism with something else might not be an easy thing to do, since that’s probably all you have known for a while. But fortunately there are plenty of other fun activities that you can do that not revolve around alcohol. Here is a list of these activities.


You might want to try and learn something new. Maybe you always wanted to learn how to program or start a small side business?? Maybe you want to study a new language such as Italian? The options are really endless.

This is a good way to expand your horizon. There’s no age for self-improvement, so you can basically start with this whenever you want. You can even go back to local colleges or universities.

Don’t have that much money? The internet is a great place to learn new things, and if you prefer physical books you can always go to your public library.


Are you more the sportsy type? Then you should definitely pick up your favorite sport again. You can join a sports team too. You don’t have to be a professional to enjoy team sports. There are plenty of local leagues available at every level. And if you would rather watch than play, then that’s definitely an option as well.


Travel is a great place to get your mind of alcohol. The world is such a big place, and there’s always new things to see and to explore. Travel really opens up the world to us in the most literal ways possible.

Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive. You can go on short city trips in the same country as well. We are sure you can find amazing gems in your own country as well. You can also visit neighboring countries if you want to explore a different culture.


There’s plenty of things you can do for entertainment as well. You can go to a dinner party or you can go on a night out with some of your friends.

Get-togethers can be simple events as well ranging from watching TV, go to a movie theater and catching up with new and old friends. You can still have fun with other people and stay sober.

All the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Get Outside

Having some sunlight can really do wonders for your mood. You can enjoy the outside world wherever you are. Get exercise, be curious and interact with your environment, go on a walk or hike, explore your city, town or neighborhoud or just spend time outside looking at the stars.

We hope these tips can help you find some extra ideas what to do without alcohol. You can find all articles on our homepage.