New Years Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions for Recovering Alcoholics

It’s almost New Year and usually this is the time when people start to decide what their new year’s resolutions will be. A New Year is often associated with an abundance of opportunities and possitive changes. For a reason, all the fitness clubs are packed in the USA in the month of January.

People think New Year is synonym for a clean slate. Any positive change we really support. The hardest thing for many people is to stick with these positive habits (and not just for one month).

It’s easy to understand that this might even be harder for persons that are recovering from alcohol. Try to establish specific goals, resolutions, and set your intentions for the future. Let us discuss what these resolutions and goals might be.

What To Focus On

Of course staying sober should be your main priority in the New Year. This should be your most important priority every single day. Of course there might be different practices that might help you.

These practices are:

  • Regular check-ins with loved ones
  • Gratitude journaling
  • Daily exercise and having a healthy lifestyle

All thes things can prevent relapsing. Try to stay healthy, and find people that support you. These might be the 2 most important things.

Of course, not every goal needs to be related to sobriety. You should try to exercise, meditate, get enough sleep, try to eat healthy. Basically, everything you can do to keep your mind and body as heealthy as possible.

These things wil also improve your happiness, boost your self-esteem en even improve your relationships.


New Year is an exciting time for people, and this isn’t different for individuals in early recovery. Luckily, there is company called Soberlink that can help you. You can read one of our favorite reviews that was posted on the SoberInfo website.

As 2022 is getting in sight, it’s essential to set goals and you should have the correct intentions to prevent relapse and create a healthy lifestyle for yourself.

We are sure you can do it. Believe in yourself, get support from your family and make 2022 the year where you get rid of alcohol altogether. New routines will make you a better person. Let’s see what this year brings for you!

All the best and happy New Year!

The Soberlink reviews team