Soberlink device next to a computer monitor

Soberlink – Portable Sobriety Alcohol Monitoring Breathalyzer? provides reviews of products related to the supplement industry. Their reviews cover products related to diet, nutrition, food, fitness, workouts, exercise, wearables, smart devices, interactive technology and supplements. recently posted a review of Soberlink’s alcohol monitoring devices:

A snippet of the review is as follows…

Soberlink is an alcohol monitoring product designed to measure the levels of alcohol content in the body. This instrument was designed to be the best on the market and produces the results as required. It is the modern way of using technology that features software to measure and enables direct results for confirmation and analyses.

The device is portable and works when an individual breathes through the attachment, and samples from the breath to test for ethanol are taken. It has lots of benefits to those who want to monitor their alcohol levels in the body and the recovery system.

This instrument is accompanied by a lot of features, including a camera that detects the eye and recognizes the face to ensure the data collected is correct and compiled for the appropriate person, such as in the case of a person being assigned to use the device. Using their trusted servers, the results are tabulated, and one can observe their alcohol content.

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