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The Fix Review: Soberlink launches online platform Sober Stories

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Sober Stories is an online platform where Soberlink clients can freely discuss how the Soberlink Cellular Device has changed their life.

Soberlink Launches Sober Stories

There’s something incredibly powerful about reading multiple people’s stories of finding recovery—especially from the safety cocoon of your smartphone or computer—to feel inspired to finally make a change yourself. While 12-step rooms used to be the go-to catch-all for trouble with the bottle, other alternatives are starting to pop up as often as kale, gluten-free diets and Kendall Jenner—and nothing has been more powerful in terms of helping to inspire hope than inspiring stories online. The latest to understand this is a company that makes a breathalyzer-ish device that lets every VIP in your life know that you’re not boozing.

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