Why Do I Keep Drinking When I Said I Wouldn’t?

This is a common question. A lot of people recover and start drinking again, even after they promised themselves that they wouldn’t. We asked the same question on our Twitter account, and here are some of the responses that we received.


Some people start to drink again because they are curious or they don’t remember how it felt like. Drinking one more time doesn’t seem like a big deal.

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with you and you don’t have a disease. You start drinking because you have the wrong coping mechanis. So let’s drop the judgement and work out what’s happening inside your own head.

The “I don’t know”

Some people just start drinking without putting too much thought behind it. It sounds like just a normal phrase. But usually there’s always a reason why you start drinking again. There’s usually a thought and a feeling associated to drinking and that’s probably why you choose to start drinking again. Luckily Soberlink can help you with this if you can’t take care of it alone. And you don’t have to.

I was bored

A common phrase is “I was bored”. A lot of people these days don’t have any other hobbies friday or saterday night. All of there friends are drinking and it feels like there is really nothing else you can do. You might want to try start new activities or learn a new skill. You don’t need to drink to be more confident. Chances are you will feel more confident

Take a guess

People also start to wonder how they were before they were sober. They think they might be more fun when they are drunk (note: this isn’t true – alcohol is a drug like anything else. It doesn’t change your personality).

It’s basically chemicals in your brain that makes you act differently. People also might thinkIt doesn’t matter if your guess is wrong. What does your brain think you’re getting when you keep drinking? What if – and this is important – what if your drinking is actually just showing you the life skills that you’re missing? What if it’s just highlighting the areas you need to work on and figure out how to provide for yourself?


Of course, there are many reasons why a person might start drinking again. But these were some of the common responses that we found in our Twitter community. Why did you start drinking again? Please share us your story.