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Why Soberlink is more convenient and effective alcohol monitoring technology than the SCRAM

The Law Office of Barton Morris is a law firm in Michigan that handles both state and federal prosecutions. Their attorneys handle cases in a variety of areas including drugs, weapons, assault, theft, DUI, property offense, and fraud.

The Law Offices of Barton Morris recently posted a review of Soberlink:

A snippet of the review is as follows…

Michigan courts routinely order anyone who has been convicted of an alcohol related offense to refrain from the use of alcohol. It’s also common for a person just accused of drunk driving, before any conviction, to be ordered not to drink alcohol. In order to enforce these orders the courts use several means of alcohol consumption detection. In this article you’ll learn how Soberlink works, its cost, and why it’s more effective than SCRAM.

Typically, courts will order that a defendant must submit to random breath tests at a JAMS location or it will order that a defendant must wear a SCRAM tether that will regularly take a sample of a person’s sweat usually every 30 minutes in order to detect alcohol. The SCRAM tether is invasive and must be worn on the body at all times – so it’s not the most practical option. And having to drive to a specific location for testing every day is extremely inconvenient.

SOBERLINK on the other hand allows for remote alcohol monitoring and combines the convenience of a Breathalyzer with the ability to not have a device secured to your body.

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