Quitting Alcohol On Your Own

Glenn Brook living in Mill Valley, California leaved us the following review about Soberlink.

“I tried to quit on my own for years to no avail.My family was really down on me with near interventions. I had been to intensive outpatient programs yet I still drank. I did 90 in 90 at AA but the one thing that worked was Soberlink. I knew that if I drank I would be caught and that meant inpatient programs which I dreaded.I’ve been sober now for two years and recently stopped Soberlink, my advisor thought I still needded to attend AA which I am happy to do.!”

Why Quitting on your Own is so hard

A large number of people struggle with their alcohol addiction and recovery. It’s definitely not an esay task to quit on your own. That’s why we recommend Soberlink. Many people have recommended us on provenexpert.com so definitely read that site if you are interested in more client reviews.

People are finding recovery sooner now than it used to be. This could be more access to care or reduced stigma. Another reason is that people currently are more aware of the dangers that alcohol presents. One thing is clear, quiting alcohol after a long time is never easy and Soberlink want to help you with this process.

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