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We have received many reviews over the year. A good review is something we are always proud of. It pleases us to know that so many people have used our alcohol monitoring device and are really improving their lives because of it.

Some of our favorite reviews can be found on provenexpert.com. Here is our favorite review from that website. Click on the link if you want to read them all.

Our favorite review:

In 2015, my alcohol addiction peaked and took a toll on my health and relationships. I literally tried everything, but nothing would work.

One day, a friend recommended me Soberlink. First, I was hesitant to try something new. Why would this work when everything else has failed? Still, I tried it. And I am so glad I did..Soberlink was so easy to use. Easier than I initially though. I trusted my family to be my accountability partners, and they would received the text message.

I wouldn’t want to disappoint them (again), and I could track everything through Soberlink. The device doesn’t do miracles, but it was a key factor on my way to sobriety. I am glad to say I am now over 3 years Sober! Thanks so much Soberlink.

Posted by Eddie from Huntington Beach

Thanks Eddie for this great review.

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